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At Herb Connolly Chevrolet, we specialize in finding real solutions for your real problems. And we wanna help you drive a Nicer, Newer car today!

Don't let buying a car stress you out—We've dreamed up a better way to buy a car!

Got a car you hate or doesn't work? Think you owe too much on your trade? Have less than perfect credit? No problem! Our program is easy and stress free!

First, we'll figure out the perfect monthly payment for your budget. Then, you'll choose the perfect car for you. Finally, we'll help you get approved with just $29 down.

Just fill out the form – it takes just 30 seconds – and you may soon be approved and driving home in a brand new Chevrolet for just $29 down. Plus, you’ll be able to check out over 16 Chevy models.

Credit requires bank approval. Negative equity may be refinanced. 2016 Spark LS; $159 per month for 72 months at 2.9% plus tax, title, license and dealer fees.  

Wanna Drive A Nicer, Newer Car But Don't Think It's Possible?


Drive for just $29 down.

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